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Want to improve your golf game? Golf Zone simulators have embedded high speed cameras that will capture every aspect of your swing. Real time replay of statistical video feedback not only provides data such as ball speed, but reports whether you slice or hook your shot, allowing for self-correction on the spot ( and more statics are available as well!)

GOLFZON's globally patented sensory system with over 170 infrared sensor modules, read the club and ball data to precisely simulate ball flight for an incredible life-like golfing experience

Various Play Modes/Number of Players

  • 7 available play modes, maximum of 6 players


Custom Settings

  • Including difficulty, weather and play conditions


Training Mode and Precise Analysis

  • Driving distance, carry, launch angle, ball speed, direction and more


Club Recommendation and Selection

  • Depending on individual player and target location

Auto Tee.JPG
Ball Retrieval.JPG


Enjoy legendary golf courses like St. Andrew and Pebble Beach without actually having to be there.

Realistic 3D Graphics

  • Rendered using models of actual golf courses


Event Game Function

  • Flag Tournament, Near to the Pin, Putting Competition, etc.


Green Mini-Map

  • Green undulations represented by color mapping for easier green reading


In-Play Swing Analysis

  • Displays launch angle, face angle, ball speed, and driving distance information after each shot

Different Hitting Surfaces.JPG
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